Throughout the last decade, Spanish clubs have consolidated their leadership position on the international scene obtaining a good number of official titles at stake.

A collective success that highlights the evolution of professional football as a whole, where the First, Second and First RFEF teams are committed to a sustainable growth that does not compromise their financial stability.

The current regulation, with LaLiga’s Economic Control and UEFA’s Financial Fair Play as the highest exponents, has significantly contributed to generating a context in which the sustained increase in turnover and organic business efficiency allow increasing both the salary base such as sports and non-sports investments.

Football teams are committed to a sustainable growth that does not compromise their financial stability.
12P builds trusting relationships and takes a role more as an advisor than a mere provider of funding.

At 12P we want to keep this virtuous circle moving, meeting both the clubs’ specific liquidity needs and, especially, facilitating the implementation of medium and long-term operations with a strong potential for profitability. All this, away from the times and restrictions of traditional sources of financing.

We build trusting relationships with clubs by taking a role more as advisors than mere providers of funding. In this sense, our services include a variable commission that we only execute in the event that our partners achieve the business objectives that they have set.


01. Agility

We shorten deadlines and adapt to the rhythms of our partners.

02. Specialization

We know the particularities and challenges of the sector.

03. Flexibility

We design smart and innovative solutions that respond to the needs of each club.

04. Excellence

We apply good practices and submit to current regulations and standards.

05. Sustainability

We build and maintain strong and long-term relationships.


Improvement of stadiums and training facilities
and youth teams development
Purchase of debt
E-Sports and new
business models

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