Beyond the search for funding, 12P is present throughout the value chain and collaborates with clubs and other sports industry organizations in the ideation, development and implementation of innovative projects and new business models.

Financial sustainability, talent attraction and development, digitalization, the rise of gaming and eSports, audience fragmentation and the adoption of new consumption habits by younger fans are some of the challenges that shape the strategic agenda of sports organizations nowadays.

To navigate the extreme complexity and volatility that characterize this new post Covid-19 reality, 12P relies on tools such as strategic design and co- creation as the main ways to identify opportunities and generate competitive advantages in the long term, both for clubs and their environment.

12P collaborates in the ideation, development and implementation of new business models.

Currently, there is not a problem of confidence in the industry, which caused the lack of liquidity ten years ago, but a temporary drop in revenues. However, the modernization and transformation of the clubs, at all levels, are essential to attract new investments and return to the path of growth.

To this end, at 12P we have a consulting division specialized in the design of innovation strategies that contribute to the diversification of clubs’ sources of income thanks to the development of new business models around sponsors, partners, fans, infrastructure, internationalization projects and other strategic initiatives.




At 12P we help you to define the vision for the future of your organization and make it real. A creative approach to strategy, as a source of new ideas and a catalyst for change, provides the fuel needed to drive innovation and generate high-value results.


We believe that complex problems are best solved by networks and experts, that is why from 12P we facilitate access and first-hand knowledge of these ecosystems. In parallel, we rely on the implementation of agile methodologies to test and scale winning strategies.


We help you to identify opportunity areas and implement solutions, services and business models that contribute steadily to the growth of your organization. To do so, at 12P we focus on those characteristics and natural advantages that make you unique.

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